Recollections Become Phantoms

by Soul Glimpse

(free) 04:05


released February 1, 2012

Album Art: Austyn Sullivan




all rights reserved


Soul Glimpse New Orleans, Louisiana

Soul Glimpse is the experimental moniker of multi-instrumentalist Austyn Sullivan. Soul Glimpse is a practice in musical meditation & sonic spiritual reflection. Soul Glimpse creates dense textures, atmospheres & inward concepts in attempts to find higher realms of thought & perception through the creation of music. ... more

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Track Name: A Reverie: You Became the Phantom
Your phantom
never sleeps

It slithers throughout
all of my dreams

I barely sleep
through the night

If I erased these memories of you
would you disappear from these dreams?

Your phantom
wont vanish
from these dreams

I found a place to hide

Track Name: A Gasping Rose (My Breath)
My breath as a gasping
Rose in your hand
You cut
the vein
with a fragile touch
like ash
feathering this skin
If you knew if were my breath
You wouldn’t nudge
We’re a tint darker now
I don’t think I recognize
This crimson grim
Track Name: Bodies: Echoes in the Temple
I hear echoes
In this temple

Is it mine or another’s?

This body is a temple
where you rested

Now all I hear
Is the everlasting echo of you
Track Name: A Waltz (To Wonder)
A reverie
among the flames
of sunrise
with no sleep feet
I see
my shadow's
a waltz to
where am I to go now
I wonder
if anything's there
among these thoughts
I don't see them
so I listen
to sunrise
thoughts arise
I can't seem to
waltz to erase it
Track Name: To Reveal the Secrets In Our Bones
To reveal
the secrets
in your bones

to another
they become a fragment
of your soul


never to vanish,
refusing to disappear
Track Name: I: Enduring
We endure the mirthless grip of the past. We relive these memories that can not be erased.
Track Name: II: The Mirthless Grip of the Past
To endure
this mirthless grip
of winter,
bringing me
back to
these memories that
I’ve been running from.

What can we
do to
let go of
the burdens you can’t escape?

Collapse into the arms of
what’s important. Hold
onto them.

You find an honesty
revealing in yourself.

Winter is bringing you
right back to where you
hid from. The thoughts
that you can never escape.
Track Name: Desolation Melody
This melody I’ve heard
playing over and over inside of me
A melody for the desolation I constantly feel
like a burning forest
The smoke is rising out of me
Something’s missing
Something’s absent from here

A piece of me released into the world
I roam through
the forest inside
to find the shore
where I can feel the
trueness of the world
Track Name: Frail Pigments of Our Recollections
These frail pigments of our recollections piece together in time.
A light reveals in your mind.

Illusions have been leading you.
Illusions created by the fragments of what’s remembered.

These pixelated memories teach you just because you believe something’s there,
that it’s just for your comfort.
Truth is a blinding light.
Track Name: Fade & Breath
You fade so far away
To see what your world looks like
From the outside

Shall it all be forgotten
These memories you erase
For the sake of being new
to let us fade and breath

Just let us fade and breath
Track Name: Revival
You feel that you need to reveal what’s inside
To explain those thoughts glistening in those veins
Among your skin
You’ve noticed somethings vanished
A foreign weight
Your once lived spirit

This is the revival of yourself
You were once
A ghastly soul
Now you’re a white thought
A flickering flame