A Seed Was I?

by Soul Glimpse



A Seed Was I? is a highly conceptualized album that touches on the subjects of human transformation, ancient questions of our existence and attempting to find a higher realm of thought through music.

A Seed Was I? is an album where I learned to use music as a tool for pure expression. I took a deep glimpse into myself, to see the deep ancient scars that lie in the inner bark. I pondered ancient questions of our existence and attempted to capture the revelations I was having about self and the universe it exists within.

We’re constantly growing and evolving as humans, we begin as a seed, and sprout from this human soil to grow into our selves but we are in constant transition mentally, physically and spiritually. This album started with the question, “A Seed Was I?”

When I originally completed this album, I had expectations as to where it should end up, who should be validating it and concerned with it’s status. My ego was the controller and kept it locked away until it had some “result” until I realized music is timeless and priceless. When you connect a certain value to what you’re creating it takes away it’s wholeness and sacredness.

Today, I am letting it go, with no attachments, no expectations, just simply pushing it out into the world and moving on with my emotional growth as a human being. I hope this album helps you as much as it helped me to create it.

Soul Glimpse


released July 13, 2015

Recorded at The Hour Haus in the brutal winter of 2013.
Engineered by Mike Franklin
Photography by Spencer Grundler



all rights reserved


Soul Glimpse New Orleans, Louisiana

Soul Glimpse is the experimental moniker of multi-instrumentalist Austyn Sullivan. Soul Glimpse is a practice in musical meditation & sonic spiritual reflection. Soul Glimpse creates dense textures, atmospheres & inward concepts in attempts to find higher realms of thought & perception through the creation of music. ... more

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Track Name: Eye Embrace
Is this weight

The shadow

Of my predetermined fate?

The weight of time

This weight of me

The weight of forgotten dreams

Shall I be sewn into the fibers of now?
To exist & ponder how?

Through the light I’ll become one
with the I & embrace the truest form whom is Eye
Track Name: A Seed Was I?
A seed was I?
Buried deep inside
The womb of the worlds eye
Granting me the will to
live or die

We’re thrown into this world
To see as we come and go

We rise up from this human soil

To ask,
“A seed will we become?
A seed was I?”
Track Name: A Seed Becomes the Eye
Roam these lands
Roam these seas
All to find this bigger vision we all seek

Are we meant to leave this place
With no real answer to retain?

I wonder if
The answer lies inside
Of this human mind

We’re in fear of our daily lives
Too scared to live, too scared to die
Never to retain the truth that


When we meet on the other side

(Does a seed become the eye?)
Track Name: The Facade of Greatness
The facade of greatness
Hands you the veil
And takes your hand

You’re lead down
the golden trail

A world is revealed
It’s plastic and insincere

You wonder where
to go from here

Where can you hide
away from the
current dismay in
this artificial world?

We pawn our souls
In a world
misguided by
the invisible hands
of false control

Burn the veil
Let us break
the chains
from this false

We’ll march away
To find a new way

Let’s shed
this facade of greatness
Track Name: Tunnels of Light
through these tunnels
of light to find
the correct
direction in sight

Where I can reside
and take on a shadow
to wear though time
in this new life
I’ve claimed
as mine

Watching the forces that make up this world
I chase the dreams
sleep granted me

Have I lost my direction?
A senseless search
for unattainable dreams.

Now I’m alone in the darkness
reaching for a hand that was never there
Track Name: An Ancient Scar
The bark within you
is marked with the
glowing ancient scars
of your soul

You find
this empty space
a void

you need to fill
you need to nurture

and cradle like
the child
you once were
resting in this womb
longing for the world

Now there’s a loss you feel
There’s a void you need to fill

We long for
the ancient rest within
the eternal womb

‘Return to this womb.
Rest here my child.”
Track Name: You Exist
You exist through these pixelated
memories of a past self
that you just can’t seem to find.

In the corridors of my heart,
Questions are lingering
Oh how they grow

So I ask
the wind
where do
we go
after here?

Shall I pertain?
(oh life’s just a game)

Shall I fear?
(oh its so senseless my dear)

Do I exist?
(oh you exist)

Am I exempt?
(oh no you’re the x on the grid)

What happens after here?
(You don’t exist)

But I do.
I do.
I do .

Oh I exist.

Is this a cycle I choose to repeat?
Is this never-ending?

‘No such answers obtained.’